We Move America

The most profitable and fastest growing business to invest in USA

We are talking about an industry that produces about $ 800 billion annually, $ 800,000,000,000 per year.

The US economy is literally driven by trucks.

Welcome to Our Company

US Trucks & Co.™ provides transportation to first class companies.

Our company specializes only in getting loads and coordinate the traveling operationsl. As we dont have our own trucks. We are always looking for haulage companies to move our high volume loads. Our certificate program carriers "UST Carriers Certified" helps us increase our network of quality trucks to serve our clients with the service they expect. Our clients hire us to move their loads and we do it with our affiliates, carriers "UST Carriers Certified".

Some of our customers who need to transport our partners will join us today.

The Transport Business

The Best Business to Invest in the USA

The World's Largest Industry

We are talking about an industry that produces close to $ 800 billion annually.

Safe and Permanent Investment

There is a saying in English that reads, "if trucks stop, America stops"

You can grow faster

You can start with a small investment and grow quickly.

Everything is made for This Industry

The United States infrastructure is designed to facilitate the goods transportation by trucks.

You are the owner of the transport company "Carrier" and may seek investors to buy more trucks or invest in your company.


Of goods are moved by trucks.

Of what is manufactured in the United States its moved by truck.

Is the estimated return investment that should be annually produced.

Is the minimum that should produce the annual invesment.

Investing in the Industry of Transportation

US Trucks & Co. is one of the largest providers and recognized in the industry


It is required to become part of a corporation in a state that it could be advantageous for the transportation industry and to work with our subsidiary in that state.

UST Carriers Certificates

Our certificate program "UST Carriers Certified" helps us to increase our network of quality trucks in order to serve our customers.


This is the most crucial part of investment, not all trucks qualify with the Department of Transportation to work in all 48 states

Steps to Start



in Trucks

The first step is to buy the truck, obviously, withou truck, there's no business and the best advice we can give to thepurchase of trucks is that you seek for a Certified Dealer by  US Trucks & Co.


Checking the Equiptment

Since you bought a good shape equiptment by looking at it and then leading it to a mechanic, this is really not the method. We start from the premise that every vehicle has problems.


Getting Permits and Insurance

Once we have the equitment it is necessary to get the permits in order for your company can carry loads and goods.  Usually, an MC and DOT is needed.


Joining US Trucks & Co.

As any business the most important thing is to have customers and in the transportation industry this translates into having loads. The most important factor are the loads.


US Trucks & Co. is one of the world's largest cargo suppliers.

Always loaded

US Trucks & Co. have access to hundreds of thousands of loads every day.

We put our experience and professionalism at your service.

Registration with large customers

As one of the largest loads providers, US Trucks & Co. has relationship and contact within the industry, which we put at your service.

We negotiate for your company

We have years of experience moving loads and offering services to small businesses and also larges corporations with 100 or more trucks.


US Trucks & Co. also sends reports for each and every one of your trucks. Our reports include the most important information of the load.

We process your billing

Our dispatch service includes tracking and billing and the necessary tracking for you to receive such payment.


Most importantly that US Trucks & Co. can give you is not the experience to have worked a long time in this industry but to have done it with a lot of companies.

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    The business qualifies for visa Immigrant to live in United States.
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    The investment serves to obtain residency in America.


3800 South Ocean Drive, Suite 218, Hollywood Beach, Fl 33019

Phone: +1 (833) 847-2268 Ext 2

If you are not a carrier you will be referred to the CCNV - Phone: 1-833-VIP-CCNV

E-mail: info@ustrucks.us

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