Investing in the Industry of Transportation

Everything that you are investing stays in your own corporation and its name.

The most interesting of this project is that you do not invest in the company of another person, but you invest in your own company. The investment you have to do is necessary to have a transport company "Carrier" in the 48 states of the union, (across United States except Alaska, Hawaii). But take it easy, although this sounds complicated and involves many steps, you do not have to worry since we have the knowledge, the contacts and the capacity to provide you a full service. In fact, we do it continously with each investor.


A Corporation in USA. No matter if you live abroad, it's required to create a corporation in a state that is advantageous for the transportation industry and work with our subsidiary in that state. Once you have the corporation the permits must be pulled in order to be a "Carrier", this is a license that the state provides where the corporation "DOT number" resides, number of the Department of Transportation of the state and an MC given by the National Department Transportation. You do not have to go anywhere. We contact the right people who can assemble everything from legal domicile to the creation of the societies, going through managing the correspondence.

UST Carrier Certificate

Our certificate transportation program  "UST Carriers Certified" helps us to increase our network of quality trucks to serve our customers with the service they expect. Our customers give us loads since they expect from US Trucks & Co and its associated the quality, guarantee and reliability especially on computers that use. We must help this process more than any other. Trucks and trailers must have a minimum guarantee of 100.000 miles or 12 months. With our advice this will be a simple and stress-free process. This is the reason why we have Certified Dealers that meet our high standards.


This is the most crucial point of investment, not all trucks qualify with the Department of Transportation to work in all 48 states and also the requirements of US Trucks & Co. to be " UST Carrier Certified" . The trucks have to go through all required inspections and repaired all that was found, without exception. Trucks and trailer can not be broken at any time , much less carryng a load, this is the part where US Trucks & Co. is more demanding than anyone. The load you carry for us can cost up to 40 or 50 times more than the truck and trailer together.

Investment Digits

You enter the business making an investment of around $150,000 USD, there are  plans to finance up to 80 %. It is expected to receive an estimated return between 35% to 75 % annually and you'll receive all payments to your account at the end of the return trip.

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