How to Invest

With our advice, you will have a transport company.


Investing in Trucks

The first step is to buy the truck, obviously. If there's  no truck, there's no business and the best advice we can give to the purchase of trucks is to go to a US Certified Dealer by Trucks & Co., which will offer you a good quality equipment and this way you can make sure you start business the right way. The purchase of the truck is the most important part, because without a good equipment the business will not work. The trucking business is a little different from other traditional businesses in the sense that it is not really necessary to have an office or a professional space to operate your business, most of your investment is on your equipment.


Checking Equipment

How do I buy high quality equipment, by looking at it, taking it to a mechanic, but this isn't really the right method. We start from the premise that every vehicle has its problems and those problems must to be found before starting operations, before buying them,if possible and for that reason they need a series of checks:

1. Mechanical Test. A certified mechanic ASE must test the vehicles.
2. Front Line. In a nationwide company the front alignment must be performed.

3. Manufacturer checking. In the manufacturer's technical service the PM and total checking has to be performed.
4. DOT Inspection. A certified inspector by the Department of Transportation DOT.
5. Test Drive. Finally, a driver from our company must drive the vehicle. The problem is not whether the equipment has something wrong, the problem is who will pay for the arrangements. These tests are mandatory, poor transport business is that equipment break down and we cannot allow that to happen in US Trucks & Co. What if they find a problem? Should be arranged, our certificate DEALER has to say "swallowed alone and we fix" what if you can not fix ?, written contract with the dealer must say that if US Trucks & Co. or its affiliates do not accept the equipment the DEALER must change.


Despite all the controls and tests the truck can be broken, so we must have a guarantee . This guarantee cannot be local, "bring the truck and well fix" that guarantee must be anywhere in the United States and cannot be only from the dealership of the brand, if not in workshops that are open during weekends and holidays. Our certificate dealers provide 100.000 miles or 12 months warranty within United States and Canada. This warranty can be extended up to 48 months and 1,000,000 miles .


Permissions and Security  

Once we have the equipment  its necessary all the permits for your company to carry loads and goods. Usually, an MC and DOT number are needed, the plates for the truck, the IFTA for diesel taxes and your corporation's registration with the state, among other things.


Simultaneously you will need the liability and cargo insurance. As required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) is a "Liability"  insurance and the cargo insurance is required  by the owners of the loads we're hauling. The cargo insurance must be for a coverage of $ 100,000 and "Liability" must be for a coverage of at least $ 750,000. We have finance institutes for getting those insurances.

If you are planning to buy trucks or to start in the trucking industry in the United States or if you already have trucks, but they are not producing as you expected, call US Trucks & Co. today.

Our job is to ensure that your trucks have the highest level of production. The rates we charge are minimal and at the same time your company will help us hauling loads in a safety and efficient way.


Join US Trucks & Co.

As any business, the most important is to have customers and in the transportation industry that translates into getting loads. The most important fact for having success in the trucking business are the loads. US Trucks & Co. with us, your trucks will always have work throughout the year. There are many cases in which a group of investors buy 5, 10 or 15 new trucks without considering how they will be getting loads. In these cases the  majority of time the businesses fail almost immediately. Although the trucking industry is an industry with a lot of movement, stability and great economic possibilities, if you have don't haul any loads the business simply will not give you profit. On the contrary, when someone starts with 1 or 2 trucks along with US Trucks & Co. managing loads and trucking operations that person tends to grow in  around 99% and very quickly and in a short period of time they have 5 or 7 trucks more. The point here is that with US Trucks & Co. managing your loads and trucking operations will get you a successful business. The contrary, the person who does not have access to loads, even if the investment is high, the business will not succeed

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