US Trucks & Co. is one the world's largest cargo suppliers.

Our work focuses on managing your daily operations or "fleet management", we mainly try to get the best loads in the United States, Canada and Mexico. US Trucks & Co. is a major supplier of loads and it also has access to hundreds of thousands every day. We always care for your trucks to always be working and always be producing at their highest level. We use our experience and relationships in the industry to benefit your company. If you want to hire US Trucks & Co. but has not yet set up you trucking company, it doesn’t matter, we are here to offer you step by step to build a successful trucking company.

An indispensable service that gives freedom, Efficiency and Time.

If you already have trucks US Trucks is your best choice. We guarantee you loads and handling operations with great efficiency. Our job is to ensure that your truck is moving correctly. US Trucks & Co. also offers you the freedom of not having to be concerned about the daily operations: searching loads, negotiating loads, sending load information to drivers, asking for fuel advances, receiving confirmation papers, billing and sending all the information to make payments. US Trucks & Co. deals with the daily tasks for your business so you can concentrate on getting more investors for your transportation company.

Our services

Always with load

US Trucks & Co. have access to hundreds of thousands of loads every day. We put our experience and professionalism at your service. We make sure that your trucks are always loaded and never stays without work. US Trucks & Co. can guarantee you work for one truck or 100 trucks. From the moment you start working with us we promise to have it constantly working.

Big Customers Registration

As one of the largest loads providers, US Trucks & Co. has relationships and contacts within the industry, which we offer you. When you start with us the process includes the registration with big customers in the United States. This gives a very good reputation to your company within the industry and also gives tons of job opportunities. US Trucks & Co. ensures that your company gets registered and maintains its good reputation with major industry companies.

 We negotiate for your company

We have years of experience moving loads and offering services to small businesses and large corporations with 100 or more trucks. This experience has allowed us to become experts when negotiating with customers, agents and others. We use our well based knowledge in the area to ensure that your company gets always the best loads. You want and need an expert when negotiating your loads. Let US Trucks & Co. negotiate the best prices in the country for you.


US Trucks & Co. also sends reports for each of your trucks. Our reports include the number of miles they ran each truck, the fuel that was consumed, how much must be paid to the driver (this does not apply to Owner Operators) and how much the truck won in terms of "gross" and "net". These reports allow you to always be aware of the movement of  your trucks regardless of the number of trucks you might have.

We process your billing

Our dispatch service includes the necessary tracking and billing in order for you to receive such payment for your work. We organize all the papers and create an invoice with the official name of your company, your logo, your bank account and then we send it out  to the customer. This process ensures that you receive your payment as quickly as possible. You collect it directly from the customer and it goes straight into your bank account, we do not touch your money.


The most important thing that US Trucks & Co. can give you is not only his experience of having worked a long time in this industry, but to have done it with many transportation companies like yours and this is manifested in operations manuals, contracts, references where to get our services, car purchases, insurances. No matter how many trucks you have 1 or 100, this help you save time and money.

To check how to become a UST Certificate Carrier,  call us at

+1 (833) 847-2268 Ext 2

We only charge an annual amount fee

What has allowed US Trucks & Co. to become the company 's largest dispatch company in the trucking industry in the United States is: service, quality and especially the most competitive prices in the market . Some of the services that US Trucks & Co. offer are:

* Searching for customers who need transportation.

* Negotiate loads and ensure that the best possible deal regarding loads is obtained.

* Contracts sign.

* Giving information to drivers.

* Sending you the loads confirmation.

* Once loaded, the driver will receive all the documents.

* Requesting for fuel advance (if necessary). 

* Receiving the Bill of Landing, lumpers and other documents (During and after the delivery of the load).

* Preparing invoices under your company's name.

* Sending the documentation to the customer to get directly pay into your bank account. ​