About Us

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To transform our experience and knowledge into value for the benefit of our partners, our people and the logistics industry.



To keep the American economy going stronger.


We lead by example.

Work as a team.

Respect people.

We communicate openly and honestly

We analyze and provide our opinion.

We are committed to the community.

First of all, we act with integrity.

We are a global company.

Based in Albany, GA

Security department and satellite tracking.

English-speaking dispatchers.

Bilingual Dispatchers Spanish-English

Department of systems and advertising.

Department of accounting and auditing.



A number of companies engaged in the trucking industry in the United States, among them was Americarriers, Orange in Time, IT Company, among others, and decided to gather and unite all together under the name of US Trucks & Co. based in Albany, GA. That's how US Trucks & Co. becomes one of the biggest loads operators in America.

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