Extra Services

Your company can be part of us, join.

These services are provided by US Trucks & Co at an extra cost and these are not part of the agreement of US Trucks with the carrier, these services have a separate agreement and are completely optional, meaning that you are able to choose whether or not to take the service, You should be aware that as it is not a regular service of our customers, we are subject to availability and other criteria to provide these services.   

Assistant's Services

We have staff who can assist you in your business, performing tasks that the dispatch dont do: calling mechanics, suppliers, truck owners who work in your companies, drivers, road assistance, extended warranties and others. Searching workshops and other providers  as well as other services. Maintaining contact with the dispatch and the driver and informing. Write letters in both languages and make arrangements for your carrier.  Drivers control, fuel and other expenses. This service comes in two modes, half shift (4 hours) and full shift (8 hours).

Audit Services

The DOT audits require two stages: Keep good records to pass them on for the audits. We can keep records based on a very strict protocol so that when the audit comes. We can also be by your side when the audit is performed.

Tax Services

At the end of the year our tax specialists for carriers and trucking companies, can fill your tax services. Complete and submit the 1099 to drivers, mechanics and all subcontractors. Fill out forms for taxes.

Agency Service

We provide the agency service for companies in any state in the union. Get the FEIN number for your corporation. Process your carrier's license. ( MC , DOT, BO C -3). For the rest of the permits and for the trucks permits as well, we have local agencies available.

To talk about extra services, please call us at

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