Third Party Services

Benefits and services for our partners

Searching Professional Drivers

Performing the drivers search based on specific parameters, performing a pre-qualification and they give you a period of time for testing or they search for a new driver. This is a highly recommended service.

SBA Credits

Credits for small and medium companies, for this type of credit, the requirements are usually:

2 tax returns, but that can be replaced by the US Trucks & Co. Contract.

Tracking Equipment via Satellite  

We monitor all units via satellite, 24 hours 7 days a week. Our system reports every 30 seconds and you, from your PC or smart phone will have access to real-time and records of 365 days. 

Fuel Cards

We also help you with the procedure for obtaining credit cards Discount for fuel. Fill your tank and pay at the end of the week with discount.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Covers all USA, Canada and Mexico, including:  towing, assistance, mobile mechanic service, fuel delivery, door unlocking or keys replacement, battery assistance, and wire extraction in case you get stuck on mod down the road.

Other electronic devices

Will allow you to pay tolls without stopping and without having to give cash to the driver; Automatically make it through almost all scales over the road.

Communication to and from the vehicle.