Certificate UST  

Join US Trucks & Co. and be a certified carrier.

Our company specializes only in getting loads and coordinate the traveling operation. Since we don not have our own trucks. We are always looking for companies in order to haul our high load's volume. Our carriers program certificate  "UST Certified Carriers" helps us increase our network of quality trucks in order to serve our customers with the service they expect. Our clients hire us to move their loads and we do it with our affiliates, the "UST Certified Carriers". 

US Trucks & Co. moves the loads through its network, which consists of trucking companies, some companies have 1 or 2 trucks and others have more than 500 trucks. US Trucks & Co. is one of the largest load provider that has been  recognized in the industry and have access to hundreds of thousands of loads every day from customers like:

With this trucking network,  US Trucks & Co. has the ability to provide excellent service to its customers every day and when you join us you become part of our network and will automatically receive access to loads of important customers in the United United. An industry that was difficult to join but now with US Trucks & Co. has become an easy and simple process. US Trucks & Co. with its carries program  "UST Certified Carrier Program" not only gets you loads but can also help introduce you to companies and right people that will help you: Building up your business, getting the necessary permits, getting insurances, finding drivers, toll systems, GPS to control your vehicle and especially to get good equipment warranty. You only need to buy the trucks and put them in your company, with your permits, everything is under your name, and US Trucks & Co. will give loads to work.

To see how to become an UST Certificate Carrier, call us at

+1 (833) 847-2268 Ext 2